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EPNW On Patrol

The President tasked his administration with making the United States a stronger, safer place to live.  Toward this objective, the Attorney General issued a call for a "National Neighborhood Watch."  He said "Neighborhood Watch deters criminal activity and helps protect American families.  Our children are safer, our homes are more secure, and our communities are stronger when Americans participate in community policing."

Criminals beware. EPNW On Patrol is a group of concerned citizens, joining together to assist local, County and State law enforcement agencies in identifying and reporting suspicious or criminal activities in their neighborhoods. EPNW is not a vigilante group, nor do we possess any law enforcement authority of any kind. We simply observe and report.

EPNW believes that it is important that all members of our communities feel safe and secure so on 4/29/11,  Edgewater Park Neighborhood Watch began Patroling our neighborhoods. We have been in the planning stages for several months and have met and consulted on several occasions with Westampton Neighborhood Watch in order to move forward. Keith York and his team have been extremely helpful as well as participating in our 1st patrol. We hope to partner with WNW on other projects in the near future.

Neighborhood Watch groups see the patrols as one more way to combat crime and continue the improvements in their communities.




By taking an active role in the protection of their homes and families, residents are better able to discourage criminal activity and keep their neighborhoods safe. When volunteering their time, they are giving something back to their community by lending a helping hand to people and organizations. What you may not realize is that volunteering also benefits you as an individual. There are many good reasons to get involved in your home town such as creating positive change, learning something about yourself and making a difference in your community.




For more information or interest in patrolling please click the Contact Us tab on the left.(  If interested, Each Month Neighborhood Watch Information will continue to be published on our website in an ongoing effort to keep our community informed on crime watch matters.  



The National Association of Town Watch (NATW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of organized, law enforcement-affiliated crime and drug prevention programs. Members include: Neighborhood, Crime, Community, Town and Block Watch Groups; law enforcement agencies; state and regional crime prevention associations; and a variety of businesses, civic groups and concerned individuals working to make their communities safer places in which to live and work.

Since 1981, NATW's network of information, assistance and affiliation has been serving hundreds of member groups from throughout North America.

As a national group member of the Crime Prevention Coalition, NATW supports the "McGruff—Take a Bite Out of Crime" campaign. NATW's center of information, programs and technical assistance works with law enforcement and civilian leaders to keep volunteers interested, involved and motivated. 


For Information, please call 609-265-5504

The Sheriff’s K9 Unit falls under the supervision of the Warrant Unit Officer-In-Charge. The unit is comprised of two highly trained explosive bomb dog handlers, who work with both a German Shepherd and Chocolate Lab canines that are trained in explosive detection. Both of our K9 detectives are part of the NJ Detect and Render Safe Task Force, which is overseen by the New Jersey State Police. This task force is available at all times to assist federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. This task force was the first of its kind in the nation, and is looked at across the county as a template for other states.


Our canine explosive dogs sweep the courts facility buildings and parking areas routinely, to ensure the safety of all visitors and employees throughout the facilities.

Every dog and handler must go through 14 weeks of vigorous training, on land, water and even in the air. Continued in-service training exercises and testing is done to ensure that each K9 is operationally ready to respond to any reported explosive threat response call.


Email Contacts:


Detective Chris Reinhart & K9 "Grena"

Detective Monica Clark & K9 "Scottie





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Receive trusted public safety alerts directly from your police department and other local agencies by text message. No cost, reliable and simple.  

EPNW Contributes to D.A.R.E. Program

Edgewater Park Neighborhood Watch is once again giving back to the community. At a recent regularly scheduled EPNW meeting, EPNW President Kevin P. Johnson, on behalf of the EPNW Committee, presented the D.A.R.E. Program Coordinator Sgt. Gene DeFilippo with a donation in the amount of $500.00.



Education specialists specifically designed the D.A.R.E. curriculum for delivery by experienced law enforcement officers.  Evaluations of D.A.R.E. have documented that an overwhelming majority of school administrators and teachers rated the D.A.R.E. officer as the best feature of the program. In Edgewater Park our D.A.R.E. Officers have a very cooperative and close relationship with the School administration and staff.

D.A.R.E. program officers and students develop a close and trusting relationship.  This relationship results in students letting officers know about potentially violent situations that may occur on school grounds, allowing the police department to act swiftly to avoid any problems.

D.A.R.E. officers have been shown to be effective classroom instructors, and the program is a fine example of a community-oriented, positive police program.  D.A.R.E. is not just a drug education program; it is crime and violence prevention in our nation’s schools.


It is an honor for EPNW to be able to support programs such as D.A.R.E. in our communities. The organization will continue to fundraise in order to contribute back to the community and promote safety and awareness.

If you have an interest in participating with the Edgewater ark Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact Kevin P. Johnson at





NATW will alert the national media to member-areas with unique community

crime prevention strategies and programs.


EPNW Executive Committee

Kevin P. Johnson – President

Kathleen Evan – Vice President

Donna Drago - Treasurer

Maureen Emmons – Secretary

Donna Ford – Community Services

Committee Liason - Mayor John McElwee 

Chief of Police – Robert Brian

Detective Sergeant John Harris – Police Officer Liason